Some of our clients

Our videobots are generating

  • 50%

    cost reduction
  • 75%

    deflection in churn / turnover
  • 15x

    more engagement and conversions
  • 98%

    top rating approval

Visual appeal and Voice-based guiding

We create bots but with a video-based interface to explain complex subjects via 1 on 1 interactive conversations, rich with visual appeal and in a playful way.

AI Dynamic Video Personalization

The storytelling is fully personalized on the fly for every customer / employee to illustrate person-specific situations by using real user data at scale.

Interactive, like in a game

Viewers can interact and change the plot in a playful way. You collect viewers' data while they get things done directly on the video (capture user data, calls-to-action, forms, payments, surveys, NPS, etc.).

Follow Ups & Progress in the Journey

Our bots can do follow ups, notify and remind people about to-do actions, and even trigger other videobots in order to guarantee people take actions and really get things done.

Individual tracking, Analytics, A/B Tests

We track all user interactions to rebuild every user journey. You build funnels and flows to understand how your audience have navigated through the storytelling, and easily run A/B testing

Securely personalize videos with sensitive-user data

You personalize videos without sharing sensitive information. All sensitive data goes from your company directly to the player's instance running on the target device, which decrypts it, presents it on the screen in real time, and then discards it.

About Us

Fortune 500 companies are using our videobots to delight customers or employees on their digital journey experience. On the customer side, they are running welcome messages, explaining benefits or bills, cross-selling / upselling products or services, migrating customer care to digital channels, etc. For employees, they are making job offers, collecting documents for payroll admission, running onboarding programs / integrating new hires into the team, training, etc.

Our videobots are generating 10%-50% of cost reduction, 30%-75% deflection in churn / turnover, up to 15x more engagement and conversions, and 98% top rating approval from their customers or employees.